For "Everything Out of Tune"

Charlie Butler

The Sludgelord
"'Everything Out of Tune' is a breath of fresh air at a time when heavy music is becoming ever more reliant on recreation of past glories. The Oxford Coma delivers a welcome blast of vital strangeness while still riffing harder than most of their peers."

Vince Bellino

Decibel Magazine
"Aided by legendary producer Steve Albini, The Oxford Coma’s latest effort, Everything Out of Tune is unique and fresh."

Christopher Gonda

Pure Grain Audio
“The Oxford Coma are a thinking human's aural wet dream. Part progressive, part psychedelic, part grunge, and all rock, this quartet's music is just as calm and calculated as it is erratic and emotional.”

For "Morphine"

Rick Ecker

New Noise Magazine
“The [Morphine] EP contains excellent performances on vocals and all the instruments with raw emotions being at the forefront. This is the sound of a band giving you their all and being as exposed and vulnerable, as well as pissed off as one can be.”

Cody Conrad

The Big Takeover Magazine
“There are a million, bazillion bands influenced by the discography of Nirvana, but few ever add something new and different to the mix, which is exactly what The Oxford Coma does; a band into grunge that isn’t grunge at all. It’s an intense yet thoroughly enjoyable release..."

For "Paris is Mine"

Jonathan Barkan

Bloody Disgusting
“The video [for Canadian Questionmark] is a psychedelic mind fuck, featuring swirling and shifting visuals as well as utilizing claymation that reminds me of Tool’s “Sober”. It’s definitely a weird video that can easily become hypnotic if you allow it to take you over.”