To pay or not to pay?

How do you get 20k likes on a page? It’s easy. Facebook ran all the click farms out of business by creating their own. Here’s what you do:

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(There are also some Steve Albini quotes in here, so read the whole thing)

Facetious title aside, it’s true. Well, it’s not exactly true. This isn’t a new thing. The self-help, marketing, and no-money-down real estate ‘gurus’ of the world have been doing this for years. Typically they make big promises or not-so-subtly threaten consequences if you don’t follow their method, and then they offer a piece of free content, and then they charge you $37 for every course thereafter. I swear to god, it’s always $37. I don’t know what tidbit of market research said that was the sweet spot on pricing, but I’ve come across four unassociated people of the aforementioned┬ástripes, from different industries, and they all charge $37. Weird right?

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